Video Games

When you died I was upset
You hadn’t let me play Quest 64 in two weeks
I kissed you to see if you were awake
If I could sneak a quick peek
You knew what I was doing

When I was told you died I was gaming
Something with a bus and a route and frustration
Hogging the tune of electronic freedom
Yanked away from my sanctuary
You had died
I returned in incomprehension
I played my game
I played my game again
In the bones of an empty home I played Donkey Kong 64
I clogged a toilet

We left and I didn’t see you for a decade
But I saw you
In every flip of a switch and swish of Link’s sword
I saw you
When Link embarked into new realms and Mario into new worlds
I saw you
In every remake and reimagining and repurposing and revitalizing of every series
I saw you

How could I forget when you killed the mummies and skelekids for me?
How could I forget when you reveled in me defeating Twinrova
I always imagined what you’d say to see the moon falling again and again
To see Link climbing towers and foraging for food
How could I play video games for just myself
Every time I pick up the controller I remember you
I carry you
Who could forget that?

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